One Day Removals

Andy and Ronnie are removal men. Andy owns the van and Ronnie lifts the heavy stuff. They have been doing the job for several years and nothing interesting has ever happened. That is until the events of "One Day Removals" start to unfold.

Follow the adventures of two unremarkable men who are forced to deal with events of a quite extraordinary nature. Events that will take them into parts of Scotland seldom seen: events of a very dark kind. It just takes one bad day to change everything and no one is safe.

In a case that will rock the very foundations of the Scottish legal system, Andy Watt is telling the truth - but no living soul will ever believe him.


"One Day Removals" is a co-production between Stirton Productions and The Canny Films Partnership. Written, directed and edited by Mark Stirton, produced by Michael Grant Clark and Kerwin Robertson. Co-producers Ken Frazer, Jane Fraser, Iain Adams and Susie Lind.

The movie stars Patrick Wight and Scott Ironside, and co-stars Mike Mitchell (Freight, Apocalypse Z) and Steve Campbell (The White Room, Captain Phillips).

"One Day Removals" premiered at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival, in London, and was nominated for the Raindance award at the British Independent Film Awards. The movie has been an unprecedented success in the festival circuit, with most screening being sold out.

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Year of production (completion): 2008

Running time: 85 Minutes

Budget (investor funded by Canny Films Partnership): £60,000

Locations: Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire, Scotland. UK

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